Why Exercise with Elastic? Training guide & Buyer's guide

Why Exercise with Elastic? Training guide & Buyer's guide

Are you looking for a serious and effective alternative to the traditional dumbbells, weights, braces and braces? Are you also not interested in joining a gym? Then you should undoubtedly consider investing in a traing elastic . 

An exercise elastic is both an easy and effective tool for getting exercise at home or outdoors. The good thing about this is that it does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. In addition, it is also a more gentle form of exercise when compared to heavy weights.  

In this article we will go over all the most relevant topics we could come up with about training with an elastic band. Among other things you can read:

  • Why to work out with a training elastic
  • Good reasons to train with a training elastic
  • How to train with a training elastic
  • Bid on exercises with a training elastic
  • Guide to what exercise elastic you should buy

Once you have read the entire article, you are the 100-meter master of how training with a traing elastic works, why you should do it and which one to buy.  

Why should you train with an elastic band?

The traing elastic  has gained a somewhat dull reputation over the years, with most of all linking the elastic with senior training, rehabilitation and the like. Fortunately, more and more have recently come to terms with all the good things that can be achieved by training with an elastic band.  

Exercise elasticity is much more than just stretching your upper body and starting the bloodstream, which is often used in contexts where you have just a few minutes available.

If you are not yet fully convinced, we understand it well. You haven't read our six good reasons to train with an elastic yet. Once you have done that, we are more than convinced that you will have the courage and desire to start training with an elastic band.

6 good reasons to train with elastic

therefore, you should train with elastic

There are many good reasons why you should train with an elastic band. However, we have neither the time nor the opportunity to list them all, which is why you get the 6 most important reasons here:

# 1 You don't need a gym

If you have chosen to train with an elastic band, then you have also given yourself the opportunity to be able to train in virtually every way. Whether you are on vacation, on the go or lying on the couch, you can easily work out with a workout elastic . 

This provides a completely different aspect to exercise when on vacation or generally traveling a lot. It is no longer necessary to look for a fitness center nearby or in the hotel, instead you can simply pull the elastic out of the bag.

For example, many times you will find that what was described as a well-equipped gym is really just a small room with a mat and a little dumbbells. In that case, you will be better off with your exercise elastic . 

You can even bring it to the playground. Here you can arrange your workout outdoors while your children are playing and having fun. Win-win, if we even have to say it.

# 2 Functionality

An elastic provides a very functional and gentle workout, where you have the opportunity to train from a variety of angles, different tempi and varying resistance.

If you look at traditional exercise machines, the exercises will be much more natural and similar to what you actually do and use in everyday life. It is therefore particularly suitable for those who exercise for health and functionality, rather than swollen muscles.

# 3 Exercise regardless of form and strength

No matter what shape or strength you possess, you can train with a training elastic . This is more than you can say about traditional dumbbells and machines found in a gym. 

No matter how big you may be, you never get too big for a workout. An elastic fits you, whereas you need to adjust to a machine. You can't help but love it.

# 4 Mobile Training

Having a workout elastic is exactly like having a fitness center with everywhere. A fitness center has a number of limitations, including distance, opening hours, capacity and the like, which you do not get when using an elastic band.

# 5 Easy to transport We have previously described how easy it is to train with the elastic in different situations that are outside the home. This is largely because it is so easy to transport. 

An exercise elastic can fit into a suitcase, bag or even a bag. Do not drag to workout, so you do not have to sweat twice.

# 6 Different Resistance

You may think that you can only train with one load, but that is not the case at all. You can get a variety of different amounts of resistance. The only thing it requires is different elastics, where the length and thickness often makes the resistance different.

Therefore, you may want to invest in some different types that provide different resistance. Then you are sure to be covered well.

How to train with an elastic band

this is how you train with elastic

As you know, a training elastic offers plenty of opportunities to work out versatile and healthy. A training elastic allows you to do a lot of known and unknown exercises that together can provide a very effective workout.

We have allowed ourselves to come up with a number of great offers for good and effective training exercises you can do with an elastic band. Below you can see how to do the exercises. Really happy with the workout, you will not regret it.

Deadlift with elastic

The first exercise is one of the most well-known and classic workouts that train both the back, arms and legs, namely deadlift. Take a look at the video below where you can see exactly how to do the exercise correctly and effectively.

Chest pressure with elastic

The next item is chest compressions with elastic. This is the same old and famous exercise you usually do on a bench with a barbell. This exercise strengthens both your chest and arms. See how to do this below:

Back bends with elastic

Whether you know this exercise or not, it is undeniably good for training your back. It is important that you do the exercise as instructed if you want to be sure to avoid injury and overload. Watch the video here:


Body uplift with elastic

Body Raises is a classic gymnastics exercise that almost everyone has become acquainted with. Although the exercise itself is extremely good training, it is also extremely demanding. Many are unable to perform the exercise at all.

Fortunately, this is something that an elastic can do. The elastic can help you do the exercise even if you have not been able to before. See how below:

Are you missing a place to do body swelling? Then we can help you with that too. 

Elbows with elastic

This is yet another exercise that is loved or hated by everyone. As with body swelling, not everyone is physically capable of performing the exercise. Again, a workout elastic can be helpful. In this case, it requires that you have access to some kind of rod or hook hanging over you. See how to do in the video below:

Band Pull-Aparts with elastic

This exercise is extremely good for training your back and stretching your body well. You can also easily adjust the load by narrowing your grip. Once again, you can see how to do this, including:

Buying guide for elastic

Now we come to the last part of our article about elastic bands, the purchase guide. You should now have complete control over why you should use an elastic band, how to train with an elastic band, as well as offers various exercises you can do.

Now the big question then comes, which elastic band to buy. To answer this, we have chosen to review four different types of elastic bands that are in some ways similar and others widely different.

Below you can read more about how the different elastic bands work, what they are good at and the like. Enjoy.

Classic training elastic

classic training elastic

The first offer of a training elastic is the classic elastic that can be used for a little of each. This type is relatively thin, which makes it practical and amenable while providing some resistance. The elastic in a variety of colors that can satisfy any temper.


  • Durable and durable material
  • Functional width
  • Particularly suitable for balls and legs
  • Length of 30.5 centimeters (Collapsed state)

Booty Band

booty band workout elastic

The next type of training elastic is the one called the "Booty Band". This type is also, as the name also indicates, very suitable for training balls and legs. This type stands out from the classic workout elastic in quality.

You could say that the Booty Band is the professional edition made in exceptionally good quality. It is made from a combination of cotton and elastane, which makes the elastic extra durable and durable.

The elastic also comes in a nice storage bag that allows it to be transported in style. It is available in four different "levels of difficulty" that give different resistance.


  • Made of cotton and elastane
  • 7.5 cm width
  • Length of 38 centimeters (Collapsed state)

Exertube training elastic

Exertube training elastic

An exertube is much like a classic training elastic, just where each end is equipped with handles. Handles make it easier to perform the exercises, are more gentle on the hands, and allow you to train multiple muscle groups at once.

Exertubes have gained great popularity in a very short time. This is largely due to the fact that you can perform good and effective training in the form of many different exercises, without having to own a lot of different tools.

In addition, Exertubes are also extremely easy to transport and can be used anywhere.

Exertubes are available in three different forms, namely light, practiced and hard. This is an expression of the three different degrees of resistance it can be purchased with.


  • Length of 122 centimeters.
  • Small and convenient
  • Ideal for rehabilitation
  • Available with varying degrees of resistance
  • Available in different colors

Training Elastic Strap

training elastic band

If you do not find any of the above options attractive, there is also an alternative, namely an elastic band . This type is wider and thinner than the previous ones, and is a very comfortable and durable training tool. 

The tape is available with different resistance and in different lengths. So there should be something for everyone.

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